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My specialty is candid portraits of people in their natural settings as they work, play and think. I am also experienced at travel, theatrical and military photography, the latter facilitated by a life-long interest in military history.

The photography career follows years of reporting and writing news for print and broadcast with such media as Bloomberg Television, WOR and WCBS-AM radio and the Associated Press in New York and New Jersey's Newark Evening News. It is experience that gives me good insight into the imagery that enhances news coverage, travel writing and public relations.

I was beguiled by cameras soon after my parents gave me a twin-lens Argus 75 in grammar school. Inspiration came from the pages of Life, National Geographic and a mildewed World War II issue of U.S. Camera. Later came better cameras, a kitchen darkroom, and the opportunities of travel across Europe and through much of the U.S. I've ventured often to the prairies, mountains and ghost towns of the American West, a region of the country that first charmed me when I graduated from Haverford College and spent the summer working on a cattle ranch in Big Sandy, Montana.

I took my first digital pictures in 2005, and the shift has been inexorable since then. But I still occasionally run film through the Leica, Nikon, Olympus and other treasured 35s collected over the years.

New York City is home. is where you can reach me.


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