Jeff at Diner-57


Jeff Grambs

   The galleries below contain images that were made with film and digital cameras over decades.  They come from an enduring love of photography that goes back to grammar school, when my parents gave me an Argus 75 camera.  It has been enlivened by a career writing news for the Newark Evening News in New Jersey, the Associated Press, the WOR and WCBS radio stations in New York and Bloomberg Television.

   At WCBS I also produced a twice-weekly radio feature about photography, Talking Pictures, often based on interviews with famous photographers. Among them were Ansel Adams, who talked about a view camera that was dear to him early in his career, and Joe Rosenthal, who modestly recounted how his Iwo Jima flag raising picture happened. 

   I hope you will explore and enjoy my photos, many of which have explanatory captions.  Click on those captions to read them in full.

   New York City is where I live. is how you can connect with me.